Reserve TA

Guidance for Reserve TA. Including policy, eligibility and member responsibilities.

Applying for the GIBill

Guidance for enrollment into your GIBill. 

Seasonal Training Program

Questions about your STP? Not sure if you are eligible or how to enroll? Read more here. 

Websites and Scholarships

Useful websites for all your education/training needs.

Applying For TA

Steps for applying for TA. 

Top-Up vs. Tuition Assistance

How does top-up differ from tuition assistance? 

Clep and DSST

Resources and information about CLEP and DSST. 

GIBill Benefits

List of eligibility requirements for GIBILL along with information about each bill.

Ordering Transcripts

Need help ordering your transcripts? Click here to find out more.

TA for Civilians

For Air Force Civilians who need information about their TA benefits.