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Reserve TA


This factsheet provides an overview of the Reserve Tuition Assistance (ResTA) program; however you are encouraged to review the additional resources located on the Air Force Virtual Education Center (AFVEC) ( or via the AF Portal) or contact the 514th Force Development Flight. 



  • Pays tuition ($250/semester hour (SH), $166.67/quarter hour (QH), $4500 max per fiscal year); fees not authorized.

  • Pays for courses leading towards first Associate, Bachelor, or Master Degree; not used for lower or lateral degrees.

    • Exceptions…

      • ResTA can be used when a member already possesses a degree and wants to take courses toward a Community College of the Air Force degree for which the individual is eligible.

      • ResTA can be used when a member already possesses a degree and wants to take courses leading towards a teacher certification/license.

      • ResTA can be used for a second graduate degree in a foreign language, International Politico-Military Affairs or area studies with SAF/IAPA approval (officers only with 15 years or less TAFCSD).

  • Authorized up to 124 SHs for an undergraduate degree and 42 SHs for a graduate degree, based on available funding.

    • May pursue more than one major within the same degree as long as total number of SHs does exceed caps.

  • ResTA is paid directly to the academic institution for approved courses.

    • Students cannot accept refunds for payments made by ResTA; schools will refund the government directly.

  • School must have a valid DoD Memorandum of Understanding on file at the site.

  • Foreign language courses are only approved as part of a degree or if on the AF Strategic Language List.

  • Students are ultimately responsible for the accuracy of their records and for timely updates, changes, etc.

    • Failure to meet prescribed timelines, suspenses, or if errors are made and not corrected in a timely manner, will result in a financial debt to the student and refunds will not be authorized.

  • Unit is notified if member receives unsatisfactory course completion and debt reimbursement action is required.

  • For the purposes of ResTA, a supervisor is defined as the person in your chain of command having next in line TA approval authority and oversight. This person must be able to adequately assess your ability to participate in voluntary education while also satisfying the responsibilities of an Air Force Reservist.



  • Must be actively participating for pay and points and remain in good standing from application until course end date.

  • Must have a high school Diploma or equivalent

  • Must NOT have an Unfavorable Information File, be on a control roster, have an overdue or referral EPR/OPR, or have failed the most recent Physical Fitness test.

  • Supervisors are required to approve ResTA requests but can deny TA Funding Requests at their discretion if conditions would hinder member’s successful completion of the course e.g. Airman is in upgrade training, Airman will be TDY during course, Airman will PCS during course, Airman is enrolled/attending PME (either DL or in-resident), Other factors that could affect the airmen’s ability to successfully complete course can also be considered.

  • Split Training members that have completed BMT are eligible for ResTA if courses don’t interfere with technical school dates.

  • AF Reserve officers must serve a 4-year Reserve Service Commitment (RSC) following the course end dates.

  • Activated Reservists must use Active duty TA (MilTA) if the course starts and ends during their orders



  • Obtain CAC Reader from your unit computer manager, so you can access AFVEC from home.

  • Ensure your personal data in AFVEC to include military & personal emails are updated.

  • Ensure Bachelor’s Degree is updated in MILPDS if requesting TA for a Master’s degree.

    • If not updated, have the school mail an official transcript to 514 FSS/FSDE, 2217 W. Arnold Ave, JBMDL 08641

  • Update Supervisor contact information in the “Supervisor” block on the AFVEC site.

  • Submit an education goal and upload an officially evaluated degree plan prior to requesting ResTA

  • Email request to 514FSS.FSDE@US.AF.MIL if  Date of Separation (DOS) or initial/follow-up counseling needs to be updated.

  • Submit TA funding Request NLT 7 days prior to class start date; NO WAIVERS

  • Successfully complete courses funded by ResTA within prescribed timelines listed on the TA Funding Request.

  • Successful course completion is defined as a grade of "C" or higher for undergraduate courses, a "B" or higher for graduate courses, and a "P" (or equivalent) for "Pass/Fail" grades.

  • Maintain GPA of 2.0 or above after 15 SHs for undergrad courses & 3.0 or above after 6 SHs for graduate courses.

  • Review AFVEC Enrollment History to ensure school updates grades within 60 days from course end date.

  • Must process Reimbursement Actions at the AFVEC for unacceptable and/or overdue grades.

  • Must immediately report via email ( all incompletes and cancellations.

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