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GIBill Benefits

  • Chapter 1606 Eligibility Requirements:

--Must have a six-year obligation to serve in the Selected Reserve signed after June 30, 1985.  Officers must agree to serve an additional six years in addition to current obligation.

-- Must have completed Initial Active Duty for Training (IADT).

-- Must have high school diploma or an equivalency certificate.

-- Must remain in good standing in a Selective Reserve Unit.

  • Chapter 1606 Kicker Eligibility Requirements:

--Must meet all the eligibility requirements for the Chapter 1606 GI Bill and been issued a DD 2384-1.

-- Must qualify for and be assigned to a Chief of the Air Force Reserve-designated critical specialty in the SR and have completed the 3-level technical school for that specialty. The critical specialty list will be published annually.


  • Chapter 33 Additional Information:

-Members with 6-years of service that qualify for Chapter 33 may transfer all or a portion of their benefits to eligible family members. 

--Eligibility to transfer Post-9/11 GI Bill education benefits will be limited to service members who obtain a four-year commitment from time of transfer in the Armed Forces to transfer benefits

--Transfer of benefits to dependent children must be accomplished prior to age 21 or prior to age 23 if attending college as a fulltime student. Service Member must have finished at least 10 years of service before dependent children can start using the benefit. Note: Review the VA website for additional conditions.

--After leaving the Armed Forces, you may provide a future effective date for the transfer of education benefits, modify the number of months transferred, or revoke entitlement transferred by accessing You will need to log in with your “DFAS/My Pay” password. If you cannot get into the system you will need to contact DMDC for assistance (800) 477-8227.

**Total of 48 months when eligible for two or more GI Bills.

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