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ID Card Facilities

Fort Dix Facilities

Army Support Activity Customer Service:

5418 South Scott Plaza, JB-MDL Dix

Commercial #: 609.562.2177

Lakehurst Facilities

Naval Support Activity:

150 Landsdown Rd Room 106, JB-MDL Lakehurst

Commercial #: 732.323.5097

Bordentown Facility

State Family Programs:

Location: 1048 US Highway 206, Bordentown NJ 08505

Commercial #: 609.496.9223

McGuire Facilities

87th FSS/MPF

Bldg. 2916 Falcon Lane, JB-MDL McGuire AFB

Commercial #: 609.754.5774

108th FSS

Closed every other Friday for training

3324 Charles Blvd., JB-MDL McGuire

Schedule Appointments Online

Commercial #:609.754.4466

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