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Applying For TA

Log into AFVEC
( or via the Air Force Portal)
STEP 1:  Update Your Record
  • Update Supervisor: TA Funding Requests must be processed by the supervisor prior to the course start date. We highly recommend coordination with the unit to ensure the person you add is in your chain of command has access to process your requests in a timely manner. TA Funding Requests not processed prior to the course start date will be rejected.

  • Select Self Service Options (located on the right of screen), click on My Personal Data, and make corrections as needed then click Update. If your Date of Separation needs to be updated, STOP and contact and request an update to your Date of Separation

STEP 2:  Submit Education Goal and Degree Plan
  • Submit an education goal and upload your degree plan as a PDF document.

    • Degree plans, aka Degree Audit, Degree Works, etc., must be officially evaluated plan completed by the degree-granting institution and include ALL transfer credit accepted toward degree completion and must include ALL courses (i.e. course number, the course title, and credits) required for degree completion.

      • A degree plan from the school’s catalog is considered unofficial. 

    • Submitted degree plans will be reviewed/approved by 514 FSS/FSDE; please allow five business days for review.

      • Monitor the status of your request at the AFVEC site.

    • You are required to keep your degree plan up to date; failure to do so will result in denial of TA.


STEP 3:  Applying for TA
  • TA Funding Requests must be submitted via AFVEC NLT 7 days prior to the course start date.

    • Course(s) on the TA Funding request must be listed on your approved degree plan.

    • Use the course registration and the account summary by term from the school to populate TA Funding Request.

      • Inputting incorrect class dates or course information may delay your request or payment.  Any erroneous information that results in an increase in the approved amount will be students’ financial responsibility.

    • You are financially responsible for the total cost of courses not listed on an approved TA Funding Request.

  • You must ensure your TA Funding Request is processed by your “supervisor” prior to the class start date.

  • You must print your approved TA Funding Request from “Enrollments” in AFVEC and provide to your school, so the school can invoice the government for the funds.

  • Immediately send an email if you need to make changes to the TA Funding request.

  • If you drop/withdraw from a course:

    • During an authorized drop period: send drop request with course name and number to 514FSS.FSDE@US.AF.MIL.

    • After authorized drop period: have school’s Registrar send an e-mail with your name, Course #, Course Title, and a statement that the government has not and will not be invoiced for the tuition. Email should be sent to 514FSS.FSDE@US.AF.MIL

    • Read the "CONDITIONS" statement on the TA Funding Request (AFRC Form 27) and ensure compliance; due process begins once you sign the TA Funding request and it has been approved.

STEP 4:  Grades
  • Ensure grades are updated on the AFVEC site by checking your “Enrollments” 45 days from the course end date

    • If grades are not posted, contact school to request grades be posted in the Academic Institutional (AI) Portal or have the school send an official transcript to 514 FSS/FSDE, ATTN:  TA Program Manager, 2217 W Arnold Ave, JBMDL, 08641-5218, or they can also send Electronic transcripts. If all else fails, member can stop by wing training office so a staff member can witness downloading of grades from school’s website. Emailed grade reports from school or members are not authorized. 

  • Process TA Reimbursement Action(s) at the AFVEC site, if you failed the course or the grades have not been posted 60 days past course end date.  TA funding requests will not be authorized until the debt has been processed by ARPC.

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